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Item Name: Insulated Screwdriver Set 1000V

Item Code: HT550

Description: Contains 4 blade type & 3 Philips type drivers. 1000V fully insulated and tested. Various shaft lengths and tip sizes. Chrome-vanadium steel for extended wear. Also contains a neon 100V - 500V AC tester

Cost: $19.99

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Item Name: Crescent 1000V Insulated Screwdriver Set

Item Code: 865070

Description: Crescent 7 piece 1000Volts Insulated Screwdriver Set and mains testing screwdriver. VDE standard and GS standard. Chrome molybdenum vanadium steel shaft provides durability. Anti-roll handle design. Individually tested up to 1000Volts.

Cost: $25.99

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Item Name: Precision Electronic Tool Kit

Item Code: 1PK635

Description: Includes the tools Fine tip straight tweezer, Side Cutter 125mm, Long nose plier 138mm, screwdriver #00x50mm, screwdriver #0x50mm, screwdriver #1x50mm, screwdriver 1.6x50mm, screwdriver 2.0x50mm, screwdriver 2.4x50mm & screwdriver 3.0x50mm in a zipper bag

Cost: $39.99

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