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Shielded Network Cables

Product Information

  • DVI Digital Video Interface. Maximum run is 5 metres (Longer with Super Low Attenuation Cable)SLAC
  • DVI-A Analogue Only. For VGA Monitors connecting to a DVI socket board.
  • DVI-D Digital Only. Single Link uses 12/29 pins for UXGA bandwidth. Dual Link uses 24/29 pins for QXGA bandwidth.
  • DVI-I Integrated. All of the above! All pins wired. Analogue and Digital.
  • HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface. Combine digital and Video
  • SLAC Super Low Attenuation Cable. Retains bandwidth over longer lengths as well as mitigating sparkles and dropouts.
  • SSAC Super Slim And Compact.

Discounts are available for most of our range, usually items of 20 or more in a single order. Please ask when ordering.

DVI Standard and SLAC Premium Grade Cables Due to the high bandwidth demanded by Uncompressed Digital Video, extra high quality cables are required to reduce drop-outs, etc. Runs of greater than 5 metres will not work without Special Cables, such as:

  • SLAC - Super Lower Attenuation Cable Reduce Sparkles and dropouts. SLAC Interconnects use the best cable for the required task. The highest grade copper, wrapped in full shielding for low noise. These cables have been tested and are true to their performance claims.

DVI Connector Layout

           DVI PIN Layout

HDMI Standard and SSAC Cables

  • HDMI Type-A 19 Pin - High Definition Picture Quality Available in:
    • Premium Type Cables 1M → 5M
    • Super Slim And Compact for 5M+
  • Robust and luxurious all metal quality. Fully ATC Compliance Approved. Patented.
  • Audio - is lost when converting from DVI to HDMI. Unlike HDMI, DVI does not have Digital Audio.
*Suggested AWG Cable Rating Guide
POWER 5 Metres 10 Metres 20 Metres
10-50W 18AWG 17AWG 16AWG
50-100W 15AWG 14AWG 13AWG
100-500W 13AWG 12AWG 11AWG
500-1KW 10AWG 9AWG 8AWG

*Note: A generalisation formula for use as a guide only. Longer lengths are ok. Volume loss may exceed 3dB and frequency response may also be effected. 8 ohm ½ length for 4 ohm

AWG (American Wire Guage) Rule of thumb:
When the diameter of a wire is doubled, the AWG will decrease by 6. (e.g. No. 2 AWG is about twice the diameter of No. 8 AWG.)

When the cross-sectional area of a wire is doubled, the AWG will decrease by 3. (e.g. Two No. 14 AWG wires have about the same cross-sectional area as a single No. 11 AWG wire.)

Additionally, a decrease of ten gauge numbers, for example from No. 10 to 1/0, multiplies the area and weight by approximately 10 and reduces the resistance by approximately 10. Resource

Modular Plug Connector Video

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USB and FireWire IEEE 1394 Identification Guide

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The Wireless Adapter ARP-260

connects to any projector or other display to quickly and easily share data, audio, and video over a secure wireless connection.

This product is a very powerful tool, for any company or person that works in board rooms, class rooms, halls and shopping centres. It is the only professional way of connecting Laptops or PC's to a large monitors, TV's and projectors.