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CITS - Recommended high-quality Aussie businesses for computer repairs, electrical testing, IT, website maintenance requirements:

Digibit Consulting provides a comprehensive approach to detail of their IT Consulting and technical support. Furthermore, they have a great range of hardware, cameras, peripherals, as well as, great specials on assembled PC packages ready to go!
Digibit Consulting

Essential Web are an experienced web site design business that specialises in the creation of vibrant clever web sites. Essential Web

Elam Cabling Group specialises in Structured Cabling - Electrical Services Voice and Optical Fibre cabling Elam

Internet Industry Association We are a member of the Australian Internet Industry Association

Dick Smith's General Store This is a great website to buy Australian produce Dick Smith Food

CITS Store supplies electrical components and goods i.e. cabling, audio visual products, home theatre equipment CITS Store

C.I.TS stocks electrical power boards, 19 inch rack mount power boards, overload surge protection devices and RCD safety switches Electrical power boards and 19 inch rack mount power boards

Quantum Sphere are a leader in providing, warehousing and delivering, top-brand audio visual equipment to approved installers, corporate clients, and selected specialist audio-visual retailers. Audio Visual Equipment

Recycle Your Old Computers

Old computers, unusable printer cartridges and monitors must be disposed of properly. Moreover, there are alternatives to getting rid of your old computer equipment, such as:

  • Why not give your unwanted computer to a friend or family member if they need one and it is suitable
  • Donate it to a local charity or organisation
  • Setup the old and new computer as a local network at home. Note: You will need several items first though, for example, two or more suitable network cards and crossover cable for a simple network. Ask us if you'd like a home network setup...
  • Upgrade your computer with newer parts and components. Please note: each computer has a certain limitation on how far it can be upgraded, for instance, in relation to CPU, memory, capacity, motherboard and performance etc
  • Contact your local council for recycle location information
  • Visit the Australian Government website for Department of the Environment and Water Resources for useful information on all sorts of recycling waste materials

Finally, you can visit Choice Magazine website to read a fantastic article with helpful information on eWaste

How to Recycle Old Computers