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Services We Provide Corporeal IT Solutions

The IT services offered by Corporeal IT Solutions are numerous. Therefore, we have detailed key areas of the IT support we can provide to our customers (see below):

Capacity Planning

Today`s business Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer would love a crystal ball to foresee future capacity requirements for their computer system. Organisations and business must undertake capacity planning especially before initiating major works, as well as, to ensure they are able to cope with future trading and customer growth.
An example could be if your business decided to have a huge online 24hours sale offering big discounts, however didn't consider the increased traffic flow on the computer system, such as an additional 5,000 online shoppers.
The result would be an unhappy one for the customer, due to the system running extremely slowly, your customers would probably shop elsewhere next time!

Therefore it is crucial that a capacity plan be initiated when undertaking new business projects.

To see more details on UCP visit...

Capacity Planning in business

Website Development - ASP.NET Database Utilisation

We can develop a dynamic website for you catching the attention of your customers. Fully-integrated with shopping cart functionality to retrieve products from a database to display on your website. The customer can purchase online with a secure online payment method mitigating any concerns your customers may have.

If you require web hosting from an Australian owned and operated business then visit - They provide Windows web hosting and ASP.Net hosting. maintain their datacenter in Australia, as well as, IT support staff to ensure they offer the best service possible.


Backup Solutions

Has your business implemented an effective backup methodology? Ensure your crucial data is recoverable in the event of your primary data source failing (including hardware failure, corruption of files, human negligence, viruses, fire damage and water damage). A backup and restore method integrated with a disaster recovery plan can help your business recover quickly and efficiently.

Parent Monitoring Software Solutions

We can assist parents with effective solutions so they can monitor the activity on their own home computers, as well as, informing them of the appropriate government websites that list useful information

See CyberSmart Government initiative

Microsoft have a new family filter that parents can install on their home computers to keep kids safe. The software is called Windows Live Family Safety. It's a family safety filter that helps protect your kids while they use a computer and interact online. You can setup the Family Safety Filter with a Windows Live ID and then have access to a clever monitoring program in real-time.

To check if it's already installed on your machine see the Start menu.

Remote Assistance Support

Remote Assistance can be provided over the Internet if you have a computer problem. Once remote assistance is engaged both users can see the same screen, and if allowed can share control. Several operating systems have this option, such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Remote Desktop Management

We can securely setup your computer network to be accessed remotely by your staff. To enable your users to access their important files and network resources while away from the office. For example, staff members requiring access from home, or on business trips can view, update and save their information.

MS Windows 10, MS Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8 Pro OS offer remote desktop connection to users utilising this software. Note: The basic versions of WIN 7 and WIN 8 don't offer remote desktop connection hence choose wisely when selecting new software.

System Configuration Problems

Does your system constantly display error messages, if so, we can help alleviate these annoying faults

System Performance Testing

Is your computer system functioning optimally or is there is a bottleneck hindering data flow? The cause of poor system performance can be isolated by utilising performance monitoring tools to determine where the problems are. Key areas of the system are monitored without load and then continuous load is added for analytical purposes. The measured results provide a valuable insight in being able to enhance the computer systems performance.

Audio Visual, Network Cables, Adaptors, Plugs and Sockets and more...

We can supply high quality products for your audio visual presentations, Ethernet network cabling for IT projects, continuity testers for network installations, analogue coaxial digital cables for home and office. Additionally, we carry a wide-range of components for the electronics, electrical and telecommunications industries.